When I Can't Find My Mother

When i was 6 years old, my mother and i went to a mall. And when we arrived, there was a modern dance competion. I really like modern dance, till now. Do you know Fay Nabila or maybe Brandon from Indonesia Mencari Bakat ?

                                                 FAY NABILA

Because of them i really like dance. Back to the story. So i think i will ask my mom to accompany me to watch that competion, but my mom was so busy talking with her friend so i ask my mom like this:

Me: Can i watch that competion?

Mom: Yes, you can but i'm sorry i can't go there sweetheart.
Can you go there alone? I will wait here.

Me: Of course i can mom.

Mom: Ok, don't take a long time!

So i go there alone. There was a lot of chair for the audience, so i sat on that chair and i watch that competition. When it ends i back to my mom but she wasn't there so i'm freaking out. Maybe i looking my mom for 30 minut…


A  KPOP er MET a KPOP er

In one time, a kpoper called Somi goes to school and she met a new kid from another city called Doyeon and she ask doyeon like this:
Somi: Are you a kpoper? Doyeon: Yeah, what about you?
Somi; Yeah of course. Doyeon: Finally i found it! Somi: What group that you like? Doyeon: Wanna One yeahh.. Somi: BURN IT UP!!!

Doyeon: What is your id line? Somi: somsomi0309. Doyeon: Thanks pal, finally i can move on from my previous school :))) Somi: Where do you live? Doyeon: Not to far from here. Somi: Where? Doyeon: Belitung street. Somi: REALLY? Doyeon: Yeah, why? Somi: I live at Kalimatan street. Doyeon: I see some bff sign HAHA
Somi: Yeah we're bestfriend doy. Doyeon: Y E A H .

chapter 1: Yes, that's i am

Hello guys, my name is Mariska Tiara Adisty. Just call me Adys. I was born in Bandung on 3rd March 2003. I am 14 years old. As you know this is my new blog and this is my first post. I have one younger sister and one younger brother. This is just for your information that i am a kpoper and if you don't know what is kpoper is i will tell you. Kpoper is a person that like or maybe crazy fan of kpop. Kpop is korean's pop or a genre of music that come from korea.My ultimate bias isSomi. If you don't know what is bias i will tell you that bias is someone that you very very like it in kpop group. Back to Somi. She's very a beautiful, savage,  and talentful girl.


 Back to me. My hobbies are listening to music, dancing, making a music, remixing a song,watching movies, and playing basketball. I just want to tell you that to be honest i want to school out of my country and go to Julliard in New York. Honestly till now i don't show my music or lyrics to anyone. I ju…